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3D Structure Viewers

View PDB structures in 3D using Mol* from any entry's Structure Summary page.

A 3D View (Mol*) User Guide is available.

RCSB Protein Feature View

Provides a graphical summary of biological and structural protein features of PDB entities and how they correspond to UniProtKB  sequences. It loads features from RCSB PDB webservices and third party resources such as UniProtKB, CATH or SCOPe.

Learn more about RCSB Protein Feature View.

Examples: SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteinH-Ras, and BRCA1

This feature is available in Structure Summary pages and Instance Sequence pages.

Human Gene View

Illustrates the correspondences between the human genome and 3D structure. All human genes have been mapped to representative PDB structure protein chains (selected from sequence clusters at 40% sequence identity) to show which regions of a gene are available in PDB coordinates.

Learn more about Gene View.

Examples: Breast Cancer 1 (early onset) and Hemoglobin, Alpha 1 (shown image).

This feature is available from the Molecular Description widget on Structure Summary pages and by entering an HGNC Human Gene Symbol below (examples).

Pathway View

Explore metabolic pathways maps that identify pathway components with PDB structures and homology models.

Maps can be accessed from the Protein View (see example P29401), and the main Pathway View page.