Sequence Details

The sequence tab displays annotated sequences of polymer chains present in the selected structure. These annotations can be viewed in diagram form and in Jmol.

Summary Table

For each representative chain of each unique polymer in the structure a table briefly summarizes information about the polymer:

The graphical representation shows this entry's sequences as reported in UniProtKB, in the sample (SEQRES), or as observed in the experiment (ATOM). Different 3rd party annotations can be graphically mapped on the sequence and displayed in the Jmol viewer. Select the Add Annotations drop-down to add additional annotations. The drop-down will only display annotations that are available for this sequence. Currently the following annotations are supported:



Jmol Interaction

The sequence display is interactive and can map all annotations onto 3D. For this, you need to enable Jmol on this page (by default disabled). Click on the   Display Jmol button on top of the page to enable Jmol. The page reloads and from then on you can project sequence annotations to 3D. Below an example how Jmol can show the interaction of a Histidin with a Hem group (a protein modification feature) in 4hhb



Sequence Header

The following information is shown on top of the sequence: