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Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification Browser

Searches or browses for structure by Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification code. The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification Browser is a hierarchical representation of drugs by the drug classification according to WHO Collaborating Centre.

Structures of a particular ATC code can be searched in the browser tree by using a term or a partial or full ATC number.

The ATC Browser permits the user to navigate through the hierarchy of drug classification to arrive at the subset of particular interest. The browser opens up the top level in the hierarchy. Clicking on the arrow/folder icons expands the respective nodes. Clicking on the name of the node will retrieve all PDB IDs associated with that ATC code.


  1. Search by a term


    Type Atorvastatin in the text box above the tree, an auto-complete name C.10.A.A.05: Atorvastatin will be listed as an suggestion. Click the suggested item. The tree expands and nodes matching the text expand. The number of matching PDB structures is displayed at the end of node. To view the list of structures, click on a node.

  2. Search by ATC code

    A12CC05 (or A.12.C.C.05)

    Type the ATC code A12CC05 or (A.12.C.C.05) in the search box and click the button "Search in Tree". The tree expands and the matched node is highlighted. Search by a partial code such as A12CC will open the tree and expand the nodes that contain the partial code.

    Please note that the ATC codes were not listed if no PDB IDs associations.

  3. Browse Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification tree


    Expand the node R: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - [ 133 Structures ] by clicking on the triangle. Browsing and clicking the triangle to reach the node R.01.A.D.03: Dexamethasone - [ 6 Structures ]. Click on the R.01.A.D.03: Dexamethasone to display the 6 related structures.