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SCOP Classification Browser (open popup)

Searches or browses for structures by SCOP terms (Structural Classification Of Proteins). SCOP is a mostly manually curated classification of protein structural domains according to their three-dimensional structures (

The SCOP Browser permits the user to navigate through the SCOP hierarchy to arrive at the subset of particular interest. The browser opens up the top level in the hierarchy. Clicking on the arrow/folder icons expands the respective nodes. Clicking on the name of the node will retrieve all PDB IDs assigned to that node.

Important: Make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser (Click here to check).


  1. Search for a term

    TIM barrel

    Type TIM barrel in the text box above the tree and click the "Find in Tree" button. The first hit is to "PHP domain" which mentions "some similarity to ... TIM-barrel fold". Scroll back to the top, and click "Next". You will find the term TIM beta/alpha-barrel. Click on the name to retrieve a list of these structures.

  2. Browse the SCOP Classification Browser


    Mouse over All alpha proteins to see the number of structures that belong to this category. Expand this node by clicking on the arrow and scroll down to Ferritin-like. Mouse over to see how many structures have been assigned to this term. Click on the name to retrieve this set of structures.