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Transporter Classification

Searches for structures by Transporter Classification (TC) number.

The Transporter Classification Database ( organizes membrane transport proteins using the the Transporter Classification (TC) system. Analogous to the Enzyme Commission (EC) system for classification of enzymes, the TC system incorporates both functional and phylogenetic information. Descriptions, TC numbers, and examples of over 600 families of transport proteins are provided. Transport systems are classified on the basis of five criteria, and each of these criteria corresponds to one of the five numbers or letters within the TC number for a particular type of transporter.

Structures of a particular transporter can be searched in the browser tree by using a term or a partial or full TC number.

The transporter classification browser permits the user to navigate through the hierarchy of transporter classification to arrive at the subset of particular interest. The browser opens up the top level in the hierarchy. Clicking on the arrow/folder icons expands the respective nodes. Clicking on the name of the node will retrieve all PDB IDs assigned that TC number.

Important: Make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser (Click here to check).


  1. Search by partial TC number


    Retrieves structures from the Chloride Carrier/Channel (ClC) Family.