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Chemical Component search

The Chemical Component search page provides an easy way search the Chemical Component Dictionary which gives detailed chemical descriptions of all residue and small molecule components found in PDB entries including standard and modified amino acids/nucleotides, small molecule ligands and solvent molecules.

Chemical Components which are identified by three-letter codes in PDB files represent small molecules that can be:

Search Options

The page offers 3 different tabs with search capabilities of increasing complexity which are just an easy shortcut to build advanced searches for chemical components with the option of providing "Ligand" results.
This means that all the "advanced search" functionality like refining and modifying the search, is accessible from the results page.

Chemical structure search

Allows to perform a chemical structure search (using the SMILES notation), guided by the Chemical Structure editor which based on the "Marvin sketch" applet, optionally supplemented by a molecular weight range restriction.


You may use one of the 3 search methods that available on this tab (you can't use more than one):


This tab offers a chemical formula or a formula expression search (guided by the formula expression editor), a molecular weight range search, or a combination of both two options in order to look for molecules of a particular size or chemical composition.