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Tabular Report

The Tabular Report system provides a broad view of PDB data and a friendly interface for users to browsing, filtering, and searching. Users can view data in predefined standard reports or create customized reports.

Standard Reports vs. Custom Reports

The tabular report system includes a list of pre-generated summary reports and links to custom reports. These reports are accessible from the Reports pulldown menu on the query results page. The pre-generated summary reports usually focus on certain aspect of the structures, such as Sequence Report, Ligands Report, Custom Report, etc.

Search Results Page in Custom Report

The Customizable Table option can generate a report containing data items from multiple standard reports.

Custom Tabular Report

Some users may want to have a report containing data items from multiple standard reports or specially want to include Domain details, they can select "Tabular Report" from the drop down menu to link to Custom Tabular Report, and then select the interested items and generate a custom report.

Report Features

From the tabular report interface, users can easily browsing, sorting, filtering, searching, and exporting data.

Pagination and Bidirectional Sorting

By default, the first 20 records sorted by PDB ID are rendered. The user can page through the report using the navigation bar.

Table sorts can be done on the entire report by clicking the column headers. Two triangles are displayed in the current sorted column. The screen shot below is a Structure Summary report sorted by Resolution column.

Structure Summary Report

Other Tips

One-to-Many Relationships in Report Tables

Reports that have to display a lot of information for a single structure are formatted in a compact way. For example, a single structure may be associated with multiple GO IDs. The CSV export will keep the one-to-many presentation.

Structure Summary Report

Exporting to CSV format

Tables can be exported in CSV format ( CSV: Comma Separated Value format ). The downloaded file can easily be uploaded to spreadsheet software.

Only the filtered result set will be exported if this option has been utilized.