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How do I launch a Java Web Start Application?

Simple Viewer, Protein Workshop, Ligand Explorer, and the Protein Structure Comparison Tool are launched as stand-alone applications from the RCSB PDB website using the Java Web Start protocol.

To view software requirement or if you have problems launching these applications, please view the Java Web Start troubleshooting guide.

When you click on a link to launch for example Simple Viewer, the following dialog box is displayed. Choose the option "Open with Java? Web Start Launcher (default)" and check the box "Do this automatically for files like this from now on". Then click OK.

Once Java Web Start is launched it will download the required file. This only occurs once per software release cycle. In other words your local computer cache will be updated with the new version upon each release, otherwise future access to this application will use local (cached) resources and the download time will be much shorter.

When you launch the RCSB PDB viewers for the first time, you will see the following message:

Check the box "Always trust content from this publisher" and click run.