Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 NSP3 Macrodomain in complex with ASAP-0015381-001

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ChainsTypeFamily Name Domain Identifier Family IdentifierProvenance Source (Version)
ASCOP2B SuperfamilyMacro domain-like8092463 3000458 SCOP2B (2021-05-27)

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PF01661Macro domain (Macro)Macro domainThe Macro or A1pp domain is a module of about 180 amino acids which can bind ADP-ribose (an NAD metabolite) or related ligands. Binding to ADP-ribose could be either covalent or non-covalent [1]: in certain cases it is believed to bind non-covalently ...The Macro or A1pp domain is a module of about 180 amino acids which can bind ADP-ribose (an NAD metabolite) or related ligands. Binding to ADP-ribose could be either covalent or non-covalent [1]: in certain cases it is believed to bind non-covalently [2]; while in other cases (such as Aprataxin) it appears to bind both non-covalently through a zinc finger motif, and covalently through a separate region of the protein [3]. This domain is found in a number of otherwise unrelated proteins. It is found at the C-terminus of the macro-H2A histone protein 4 and also in the non-structural proteins of several types of ssRNA viruses such as NSP3 from alpha-viruses and coronaviruses. This domain is also found on its own in a family of proteins from bacteria, archaebacteria and eukaryotes. The 3D structure of the SARS-CoV Macro domain has a mixed alpha/beta fold consisting of a central seven-stranded twisted mixed beta sheet sandwiched between two alpha helices on one face, and three on the other. The final alpha-helix, located on the edge of the central beta-sheet, forms the C terminus of the protein [4]. The crystal structure of AF1521 (a Macro domain-only protein from Archaeoglobus fulgidus) has also been reported and compared with other Macro domain containing proteins. Several Macro domain only proteins are shorter than AF1521, and appear to lack either the first strand of the beta-sheet or the C-terminal helix 5. Well conserved residues form a hydrophobic cleft and cluster around the AF1521-ADP-ribose binding site [5].

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ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
Papain-like protease nsp3

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IPR022733DPUP/SUD, C-terminal, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR042515Non-structural protein NSP15, N-terminal domain superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR043174Non-structural protein NSP15, middle domain superfamilyHomologous Superfamily
IPR044315Nonstructural protein 14, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR038123Non-structural protein NSP4, C-terminal superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR042570Non-structural protein NSP3, nucleic acid-binding domain superfamily, betacoronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR043178Papain-like protease, thumb domain superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR046441RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, coronavirusDomain
IPR044863Nidovirus RdRp-associated nucleotidyl transferase (NiRAN) domainDomain
IPR044343Nonstructural protein 13, 1B domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR038166Polyprotein cleavage domain PL2pro superfamily, betacoronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR037227Endoribonuclease EndoU-likeHomologous Superfamily
IPR027352Nonstructural protein 13, zinc-binding domain, coronavirus-likeDomain
IPR009003Peptidase S1, PA clanHomologous Superfamily
IPR013016Peptidase C16, coronavirusDomain
IPR009466Non-structural protein 14, coronavirusDomain
IPR044357NSP3, first ubiquitin-like (Ubl) domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR046436Nidovirus 3'-5' exoribonuclease domainDomain
IPR047570NSP12, interface domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR018995RNA synthesis protein NSP10, coronavirusDomain
IPR043615Nonstructural protein 2, N-terminal domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR043177Papain-like protease, N-terminal domain superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR043606Coronavirus replicase NSP15, N-terminal oligomerizationDomain
IPR044330Nonstructural protein 15, N-terminal domain, alpha/beta-coronavirusDomain
IPR041679DNA2/NAM7 helicase-like, C-terminalDomain
IPR024375Non-structural protein NSP3, SUD-M domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR014828Non-structural protein NSP7, coronavirusDomain
IPR043503Papain-like viral protease, palm and finger domains, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR014829Non-structural protein NSP8, coronavirusDomain
IPR036499Non-structural protein NSP9 superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR029063S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase superfamilyHomologous Superfamily
IPR044389Non-structural protein 2, SARS-CoV-likeDomain
IPR043502DNA/RNA polymerase superfamilyHomologous Superfamily
IPR008740Peptidase C30, coronavirusDomain
IPR036333RNA synthesis protein NSP10 superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR047573Non-structural protein 2, middle domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR049894Coronavirus NSP3, 3Ecto domainDomain
IPR043472Macro domain-likeHomologous Superfamily
IPR043609NendoU domain, nidovirusDomain
IPR032592Non-structural protein NSP3, nucleic acid-binding domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR043613Non-structural protein 2, C-terminal domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR038083Non-structural protein NSP3A domain-like superfamilyHomologous Superfamily
IPR043504Peptidase S1, PA clan, chymotrypsin-like foldHomologous Superfamily
IPR044351RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, SARS-CoV-likeDomain
IPR024358Non-structural protein NSP3, N-terminal, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR048673Nonstructural protein 13, stalk domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR046435NSP14, guanine-N7-methyltransferase domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR009469RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, N-terminal, coronavirusDomain
IPR043611Coronavirus replicase NSP3, C-terminalDomain
IPR044864Non-structural protein NSP3, SUD-N (Mac2) domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR047566Coronavirus replicase NSP3, Y domainDomain
IPR048672Nonstructural protein 13, zinc-binding domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR043612Non-structural protein NSP4, N-terminal, coronavirusDomain
IPR027417P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolaseHomologous Superfamily
IPR043608Nonstructural protein 15, middle domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR044353NSP3, second ubiquitin-like (Ubl) domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR037204Non-structural protein NSP7 superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR046443NSP1, globular domain, alpha/betacoronavirusDomain
IPR043610Non-structural protein 6, coronavirusDomain
IPR027351(+) RNA virus helicase core domainDomain
IPR044322Nonstructural protein 15, middle domain, alpha/betacoronavirusDomain
IPR009461Non-structural protein NSP16, coronavirus-likeDomain
IPR043477Peptidase C30, domain 3, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR043478Non-structural protein NSP3, SUD-N (Mac2) domain superfamily, betacoronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR038400Non-structural protein NSP3, SUD-M domain superfamily, betacoronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR046442NSP1, C-terminal domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR001205RNA-directed RNA polymerase, C-terminal domainDomain
IPR044401NSP15, NendoU domain, coronavirusDomain
IPR014822Non-structural protein NSP9, coronavirusDomain
IPR038030NSP1 globular domain superfamily, betacoronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR021590NSP1, globular domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR044367Non-structural protein 6, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR037230Non-structural protein NSP8 superfamily, coronavirusHomologous Superfamily
IPR046440Arterivirus Nsp11 N-terminal/Coronavirus NSP15 middle domainDomain
IPR032505Non-structural protein NSP4, C-terminal, coronavirusDomain
IPR046438Nidovirus 2-O-methyltransferaseDomain
IPR002589Macro domainDomain
IPR047567Non-structural protein NSP3, group 2-specific marker domain, betacoronavirusDomain
IPR044371Non-structural protein 3, X-domain-likeDomain
IPR007094RNA-directed RNA polymerase, catalytic domainDomain