PDB Statistics

Data Storage Growth

PDB Core Archive and Related Holdings (single copy)

YearSize of PDB legacy archive snapshotSize of PDB versioned archiveSize of EMDB Core Archive
20231242 GB for 214,121 PDB structures231 GB13 TB for 32,033 EMDB entries
20221086 GB for 199,755 PDB structures218 GB 7.5 TB for 25,319 EMDB entries
2021923 GB for 185,541 PDB structures174 GB4.5 TB for 18,059 EMDB entries
2020822 GB for 173,005 PDB structures148 GB2.9 TB for 13,731 EMDB entries
2019577 GB for 159,140 PDB structures117 GB1.7 TB for 10,370 EMDB entries
2018441 GB for 136,472 PDB structures85 GB592 GB for 5,753 EMDB entries

Total RCSB PDB Storage Holdings

All copies of the PDB Core Archive, including AWS, EMDB Core Archive RCSB PDB OneDep sessions, RCSB.org, PDB101.RCSB.org.

2023232 TB
2022170 TB
2021109 TB