Structure of novel coronavirus spike receptor-binding domain complexed with its receptor ACE2

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Version NumberVersion DateVersion Type/Reason Version ChangeRevised CIF Category
1.02020-03-18Initial release
1.12020-04-08Structure summaryentity Download
2.02020-04-22Coordinate replacement / Model orientation/positionAdvisory, Atomic model, Author supporting evidence, Database references, Polymer sequence, Refinement description, Source and taxonomy, Structure summaryatom_site, atom_site_anisotrop, citation, citation_author, entity, entity_poly, entity_poly_seq, entity_src_gen, pdbx_entity_instance_feature, pdbx_poly_seq_scheme, pdbx_refine_tls, pdbx_refine_tls_group, pdbx_unobs_or_zero_occ_residues, refine, refine_ls_restr, refine_ls_shell, software, struct_ref, struct_ref_seq
2.12020-05-06Database references, Source and taxonomy, Structure summaryentity, entity_name_com, entity_src_gen, struct_ref, struct_ref_seq
2.22020-05-27Database referencescitation
2.32020-07-29Remediation / Carbohydrate remediationData collection, Derived calculations, Structure summarychem_comp, entity, pdbx_chem_comp_identifier, pdbx_entity_nonpoly, struct_conn, struct_site, struct_site_gen
2.42021-03-10Structure summarychem_comp, entity, entity_name_com Download