Cytosol aminopeptidase

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UniProtKB description:  Cytosolic metallopeptidase that catalyzes the removal of unsubstituted N-terminal hydrophobic amino acids from various peptides (PubMed:14583094, PubMed:16519517). The presence of Zn(2+) ions is essential for the peptidase activity, and the association with other cofactors can modulate the substrate spectificity of the enzyme (PubMed:16519517). For instance, in the presence of Mn(2+), it displays a specific Cys-Gly hydrolyzing activity of Cys-Gly-S-conjugates (PubMed:16519517). Involved in the metabolism of glutathione and in the degradation of glutathione S-conjugates, which may play a role in the control of the cell redox status (PubMed:14583094).
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