wwPDB Deposition Tool Replaces ADIT for Crystal Structures


wwPDB launched the Deposition Tool for structures determined using X-ray crystallography on January 27, 2014 as part of a new Deposition and Annotation System. Using this system, more than 4,200 structures have been deposited and annotated, and >1,700 structures released in the archive.

Features of the new system include use of the PDBx/mmCIF data format, which produces more uniform data; the ability to replace data files pre- and post-deposition; enhanced communication; improved annotation; and geometric and experimental data checking based on recommendations from expert task forces. Detailed information and video tutorials are available.

As a result of this successful release, ADIT has been retired at RCSB PDB and PDBj for new depositions of structures determined from X-ray crystallographic experiments. Existing, in-progress ADIT sessions of X-ray crystallographic structures can be accessed until July 19, 2015.

ADIT will continue to accept depositions from other experimental methods. Deposition tools for NMR and 3DEM are being developed by the wwPDB.

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