Special Issue Focused on Tools for Protein Science


Protein Science has devoted another special issue focused on Tools for Protein Science in recognition of the ever‐increasing importance of databases, computational methods, and experimental techniques.

In this issue, the article RCSB Protein Data Bank: Enabling biomedical research and drug discovery demonstrates how publicly available structural data reveal interesting insights into the impact of the three‐dimensional (3D) structures of protein targets important for discovery of new drugs (e.g., G‐protein‐coupled receptors, voltage‐gated ion channels, ligand‐gated ion channels, transporters, and E3 ubiquitin ligases).

RCSB PDB News Image

The cover image, by RCSB PDB's Maria Voigt, depicts the GLP-1 receptor (blue, PDB structure 5NX2) recognizing a GLP-1 analog (yellow), with liraglutide (green, from PDB structure 4APD) free in solution. The cell membrane is shown in red. Open access to these and related structures in the PDB will facilitate discovery and development of new treatments for diabetes.

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