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Text searching from for RCSB PDB news and PDB-101 content has been enabled. Simply enter a keyword term in the top search box (upper right hand corner of every page) and hit enter. Matching content will be returned in the "News & PDB-101 Articles" tab, including Molecule of the Month, Educational Resources, and images from the Irving Geis Digital Archive.

RCSB PDB infrastructure has been updated to pass these search results to the page using a "single page web app" model, enabling a faster user experience.

Search: An Example

RCSB PDB News ImageStep 1: Enter the keyword HIV
RCSB PDB News ImageStep 2: Select the News & PDB-101 Articles tab from the Search Results
RCSB PDB News ImageStep 3: Explore related Molecule of the Month articles, recent news, and more.