Zika Virus Structure Released

03/30 wwPDB News

The 3D structure of the Zika virus, determined by cryo-electron microscopy, has been released. Public availability of the Zika virus atomic coordinates to medical researchers worldwide will accelerate new antiviral drug and vaccine development.

The structure is described in The 3.8Ã… Resolution Cryo-EM Structure of Zika Virus by Devika Sirohi, Zhenguo Chen, Lei Sun, Thomas Klose, Theodore C. Pierson, Michael G. Rossmann, Richard J. Kuhn, published online today by Science.

The atomic coordinates (PDB ID 5ire) are freely and publicly available from the PDB archive, and readily accessible from wwPDB partner sites: RCSB PDB (, PDBe (, and PDBj (

The corresponding electron microscopy map (EMD-8116) is freely and publicly available from the EMDB archive, which is distributed through the PDBe, RCSB PDB and PDBj web and ftp sites.

Photo Credit: Purdue University

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