New Coloring Page: Myoglobin in a muscle cell

03/07 PDB101 News

The Biologist magazine hosts the Big Biochemical Colouring-in Series to invite readers to get artistic while learning about some of the life sciences’ most important and interesting macromolecules.

The latest feature on Myoglobin in a Muscle Cell has been published and made available at PDB-101.

This image shows the inner structure of a whale muscle cell. This cross section shows the space between two muscle sarcomeres, which are shown at the top and bottom, with actin and myosin filaments, which together provide the force for moving muscles. Glycogen granules, at the upper left, store glucose. The centre portion is filled with glycolytic enzymes that generate usable energy from glucose and many small myoglobin molecules that store oxygen during the whale’s deep dives. A tubule of the sarcoplasmic reticulum that helps coordinate the timing of muscle contraction is shown in cross-section at lower right.

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